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The world of Fili Profili between past and future

Founding of Sardi Emilio & Son

In 1953, along with his son, Angelo, Emilio Sardi founded SARDI EMILIO & SON, for the preparation and finishing of natural fabric textiles.
The company is set up in Villasanta, a small town along the border of the Monza Park, crossed by the river Lambro: an area with a long tradition in textile production, and a place of excellence to this day.

Production process

The focus is on the preparation and finishing of linen, hemp and cotton fabrics. The process begins with the lengthening of fabric, which then runs through two large iron cylinders, employed to press and fix thread and weaving. The fabric is then measured, brand-marked and folded into the classic «pezza» (fabric rolls), ready for delivery.

The launch of tailoring

Graziella, the wife of Angelo Sardi, launches the workshop still active to this day, developing an exclusive line of custom-made linens for the home.

Further development in manufacturing

Creativity and passion, supported by professional sewing machines, bring to life many a finishing for tablecloths, napkins, sheets and towels in pure damask linen and cotton. The work is initially carried out for the great textile brands of the Italian market: Vincenzo Zucchi, Galimberti, Giori, Fratelli Graziano, Tessitura Marchesi.

The birth of FILI PROFILI, textiles for furnishing

A further development is brought about by the launch of Fili Profili, focused on the manufacturing of textiles for home furnishing. It’s the start of our exclusive curtain collections, still distributed throughout Italy by top stores in the field.

2000-present day
Beauty, quality, handcrafted technique

For three generations, Fili Profili has been creating products featuring a perfect blend of tradition and handcrafted technique, innovative styles and consistent creative solution – the formula for all our collections.


A timeless beauty, unique and exclusive collections

Perfection born of the care for detail

For us, the difference is in the detail. Each and every product has a long story to tell, beginning with the selection of the finest material, followed by handcraft-quality production inspired by the constant search for simplicity. The result is functionality untouched by banality, and natural refinement.

Quality has always been our number one goal

We are committed to a handcrafted manufacturing process in small series, and reject the laws of mass production. Our collections spring from a unique blend of experience and handcraft techniques, a painstaking study of juxtapositions, original solutions and ongoing research.

Each product is unique in value, beauty and quality

Our products are always custom-made. The customer can choose the fabric, the tailoring and the color. Fabrics are cut and prepared manually according to requested sizes and finishing, and the final ironing process sets the product and guarantees its durability over time.

A long-standing experience of skill and dedication

Fili Profili is consistent in the production of elegant, refined products to drape and enhance the beauty of your home, the very setting of our focus to dress in style windows, tables, beds, in day and evening attires, for moments of ease and warmth.

  • Handcrafted manufacturing, nothing is ever in series
  • Selection of fabrics, exclusive production
  • Painstaking care of detail
  • Innovation and research
  • Custom-made products
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